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So not to become confused with the Preschool Step by Step program, we have labeled the After School Program by "Levels". Since some "after schoolers" are quite young, feel free to go back and forth between the activities here and the Step By Step preschool activities....or start with the "Steps", then move to the "Levels" when the students are ready.

The main thrust of the After School Program should be to allow the students to have individual time on the app since there may be quite a divergence in ages. If your afterschool program separates the students by age just work through the Levels, paced for each age group. Make sure the concepts of a given level are learned well before moving on to the next level.

If the students are not separated into age groups, do Level One activities with everyone, then allow those who understand the concepts really well to move on to the next Level. Keep functioning this way - and keep a record of who is in each group. You should eventually have 3-4 different level groups. If there is a student who moves extremely fast and there are no others at that level, just give that student more time on the app.

Students need to ultimately be able to sing the words to all the songs as they are playing them on the piano/keyboard. So have the entire group sing at the beginning of daily arrival time. Even if the older students learn the words and melodies really quickly, ask them to continue to sing with everyone each day in order to help the younger students learn the songs with words and colors.


Let the students know that this app parallels language develpment.
So, what does that mean?

1. When a song is learned well - and by well we mean it can be played WITHOUT the arrows! - the next song adds something.

2. Each song should continue to be played even while learning additional songs.
"Remember, you have continued to use that first word you learned and I am sure you say it much better than you did at the beginning!"
In the same way, skills increase when continuing to play a song already learned.

3. Using the same songs while learning new skills makes the process easier since part of the song is already known....don't have to completely start over.

4. Notation can be started at any time...again take a step at a time. Learn each level well before going to the next level!

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Have a wonderful time learning to play the piano - or helping a child learn how to play the piano.
Soooo....let's get started!

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

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