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Playing games is great, but the computer can also teach skills for use OFF the computer!
Playing the piano is one of these phenomenal skills.

Learning to play the piano - especially as a young child - greatly improves math skills, builds science and literary skills, instills concentration, builds confidence, .....The list goes on!

The Anybody Can Play PIANO app teaches:
1. playing songs with each hand alone,
2. playing songs hands together,
3. reading music!

Playing the piano involves two visuals. The app uses the keyboard visual. A free notation visual is included on this website for those who wish to incorporate the two visuals for students who are ready - or beginning to be ready - for both
watching and reading.

The Anybody Can Play PIANO App costs a total of only $0.99!

To purchase the Anybody Can Play PIANO app in Windows 10/11 click here.


EZ Piano Notes features Busy Buzzy Bumblebee for enhancing the learning of notes.
To subscribe click here. First week free - then $1.99 total cost.